Terms and Conditions
Shipping: Blue Water Reptiles ships via Fedex Priority One (Overnight), delivered by 10:30 AM to your nearest FedEx hub, bona-fide commercial address, or residential address with the restrictions noted below. I can only ship within the continental US at this time. Heat/Cool packs and shipping material charges will be included in the total cost. I ship on Mondays through Wednesdays. Animals will only be shipped when temps at the delivery location and in transit hubs are forecasted as between 40 degrees and 90 degrees farenheight.

Live Arrival Guarantee: Blue Water Reptiles guarantees delivery of live, healthy, and properly sexed animals, within the following conditions:

1. The buyer must take possession of the shipment at the nearest FedEx hub by 10:30 AM on the day of delivery; or if being delivered to a commercial address, the buyer must be available to, and when possible, sign on the first delivery attempt.

2. Delivery to a residence is permissable, however, the guarantee to live arrival is null and void if the shipment is delayed due to carrier error that would have been avoided had the shipment adhered to condition #1 (ie, the delay occurs after the point at which it is put on the truck for delivery). As above, the buyer must be available to, and when possible, sign on the first delivery attempt.

3. The buyer must contact Blue Water Reptiles within 1 hour of delivery to report a deceased delivery via phone. Photographs must be taken immediately and emailed to BWR for verification. The deceased must be refrigerated until the issue is resolved.

4. The buyer must contact BWR within 72 hours of delivery for issues regarding health or incorrect sex.

5. Blue Water Reptiles cannot be held responsible for delays of delivery due to acts of God (inclement weather, asteroid storm...you get the idea), however, I will do everything in my power to locate and expedite delivery if delay issues occur. Delays due to carrier error to a commercial address, or to be held at a FedEx hub, will be assumed Blue Water Reptiles' responsibility, and if this results in a DOA, a full refund will be granted.

6. Deviation from the terms stated by the buyer negate and void any claim for replacement or reimbursement for the transaction.

7. I will replace (if possible, with no additional shipping charges) or reimburse the buyer if a claim is found to be valid, and will honor that claim within 48 hours (weather permitting for replacement).

Payment: Paypal is my preferred form of payment. I now also accept most credit cards. Checks are acceptable, although the check must clear before shipment. Checks returned for ISF will result in your name being published in the BOI as a bad check passer. Local sales may be completed by cash, credit card, or check (with above restriction on check transactions). Payment must be made within 48 hours of confirmation of your order.