Here are a few words of praise from our customers:
I was scared to death to handle snakes or even come near them until John showed me they can be such docile creatures. Not only do I own 2 corn snakes I am pictured here with my son holding one of John's snakes. Thanks Blue Water for taking me on a whole new adventure.                 
Sincerely, Dawn
I was really glad that i got a snake from someone who knows their animals....... Thank you once again. I want to make reptiles as a big hobby of mine.  :)
Trevor K.
My Snake is Awesome. It has wonderful Patterns, I really appreciate The deal you gave me. I am so pleased, Thank You.
Walt  B.
We just got home. Neo is the prettiest ball python I've ever seen. He's in perfect health and was really curious coming out of the bag. I held him a little, but now he's getting used to his cage. I named him Neo because it's the African word for "strong". Thank you so much. I'm so happy we bought him from you! Thanks again.
Ryan O.
Spidey is so friendly, he loves to come out his cage, sometimes i'll open it and he will just come out on his own. Once again thank you for such a great new member of our home..

April J.

My son and I wanted to extend a thank you for the help with selecting our Ball Python at the reptile show this month. We have named him 'Shawn', and he is doing great!
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know both my boys took a F/T mouse tonight. Thank you again for such wonderful snakes! We love them so!

Jen B.